A Gypsy’s Wish List


There aren’t that many things you NEED as a houseless, backpacking, hitchhiking adventurer. Over the seven months we’ve been on the road, I can’t tell you how many times my boyfriend and I have had to turn down things people tried to give us. We’ve denied everything from clothes and food to an entirely new tent, much to the confusion of well-meaning souls. It’s a strange way to live, without a doubt, but it’s refreshing at the same time. All day long people talk about things they want/need/HAVE TO HAVE, which I see as an unfortunate byproduct of this consumer’s society. I’ve managed to largely escape this mentality by drastically reducing the things that I am able to physically possess, though unfortunately the mechanic of desire never entirely leaves. That being said, I’ve decided to officially post things I’m trying to manifest that would be of use during my travels. I figure it might make my manifestation attempt a little more solid, as well as show those who happen to read this blog what a gypsy’s heart desires ;)

1. A reliable, efficient, decent-quality camera

       I got into photography during my teenage years, and bought a Fujifilm Finepix point-and-shoot camera that I carried around for years. Unfortunately, I lost the cord that connected it to my computer, which made it kind of pointless. I know I could have gotten another one, but do you have any idea how much more complicated that is on the road than when stationary? Well, take my word for it – it was much easier to pass the camera on to someone who I knew would be happy to use it anyway. That all being said….I really miss my camera. My “dumb phone” isn’t very practical for taking and uploading pictures, since i have to go through this whole process of e-mailing the pic to myself then downloading it and blah blah blah. And everyone knows having cool pics on a blog is much more interesting than plain old words ;) I don’t know when/how it will happen, but I will bear a real camera again one day!


2. A van/bus

Yes, my man and I are trying to get wheels. Hitchhiking is fun (at times), and definitely one hell of an experience, but I miss the autonomy of having my own vehicle. We also want a vehicle that we can turn into both a home and business, since we have a few really good ideas for making money on the road. Plus….HELLO, BUS?! that would just be badass.


3. Land

This is more of a long-term goal, but it’s definitely one I think and talk about a lot. I want to be able to have my own land to do whatever the hell I want on, which would obviously include growing TONS of organic food. My boyfriend and I plan to build everything we can from scratch, with low-cost and environment-friendly techniques such as using shipping pallets or building a hobbit home. There are so many ways to build without doing major damage to either your pocket or the environment….just gotta be creative!


To be honest, these three things are the only wants burning through my mind. There are probably a dozen other things I’d enjoy having, but I’m so happy with what I do have that they seem horribly unimportant. I’m so grateful to be so blessed!




About claireaudient

North Carolina girl, born and raised, though now I consider Vermont to be home as well. I guess you could say I'm a migrant gypsy farmer, if you were prone to saying such things. I've played the whole society game; I've been to three different colleges, have an Associate's Degree (in Liberal Studies, or something like that), and have worked more restaurant jobs than I care to admit. Through a curious series of events, however, I've formed a different perspective on what life means to me. Instead of slaving away at a job I hate to eke out a mediocre life staring at a shiny screen, I'm living out my dream to travel while learning organic farming and sustainability practices. It's not always easy, but leaving the comforts of routine to experience the wonders of the universe was a choice I will never regret. <3

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