raindrop words


A poem I wrote last night as a storm danced over our heads…I was lying in bed, entranced by the sound, and these words started forming together. Luckily I had enough sense to get up and write instead of push it away ;) Enjoy, friends <3


Like the percussive rain, I




l –


ing –

through the twisty

tunnels that

send sublimely subtle

souls soaring.

I surrender, not because

I am afraid

but because

I have found peace

within myself, within

the storm.

For though the forces

that control my journey

are most powerful and terrible,



know that I will not come to harm.


I am dropping

with an inevitable explosion just below, but


the thought excites, not frightens me.

With my own destruction

will come something new;

my destiny is to join with others,

creating something exponentially

nourishing and powerful.

Like the glorious rain,

my voice is best joined with

those around me – listen to

the dull roar through your sleepy ears.

The night is not forever,

but the mystery never ends,

and I am comforted by

the sound

of the eternal rain.



About claireaudient

North Carolina girl, born and raised, though now I consider Vermont to be home as well. I guess you could say I'm a migrant gypsy farmer, if you were prone to saying such things. I've played the whole society game; I've been to three different colleges, have an Associate's Degree (in Liberal Studies, or something like that), and have worked more restaurant jobs than I care to admit. Through a curious series of events, however, I've formed a different perspective on what life means to me. Instead of slaving away at a job I hate to eke out a mediocre life staring at a shiny screen, I'm living out my dream to travel while learning organic farming and sustainability practices. It's not always easy, but leaving the comforts of routine to experience the wonders of the universe was a choice I will never regret. <3

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful! You’re use of the storm and “eternal rain” in order to explain your own decisions in life is very interesting and reflective.
    I must say that I am completely hooked on your life commentary. So many blogs are focused on specific ideas and one’s already-established ideas while your blog is centered on your own spiritual and tangible discoveries in life. I am forever-hooked on “Traveling Seeds.” So inspired by your modern-day life of a gypsy!

    • thank you for your kind comment! This blog has helped increase my drive to write, and knowing that even one person takes heart to my words is a HUGE inspiration =) many blessings, sister!

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