what happens –


when you run out of cool things to say?

when you’re overwhelmed with sensations of mediocrity?

when you feel like your life has reached a lull, even though

you know it’s all in your head?

when nothing’s enough anymore?

I know this pattern well –

restlessness, frustration,

invisible glass walls that muffle the 

annoyed ranting inside my head

(for no one else must know!)

should should should

hammering through my skull

why why why

the question that always haunts…

why can’t I?

why aren’t I?

most importantly, though,

what is enough to satisfy?

though I know the answer, my soul

is less than settled.

THIS. is enough. THIS. is everything.

it’s all in the moment, none more precious than the next

(says my head)

BUT NO! There’s always MORE!

(says my everything else)

I can’t wait…but

then again, i have no choice.

because, in reality,

there’s just no way to completely control

what happens. 



About claireaudient

North Carolina girl, born and raised, though now I consider Vermont to be home as well. I guess you could say I'm a migrant gypsy farmer, if you were prone to saying such things. I've played the whole society game; I've been to three different colleges, have an Associate's Degree (in Liberal Studies, or something like that), and have worked more restaurant jobs than I care to admit. Through a curious series of events, however, I've formed a different perspective on what life means to me. Instead of slaving away at a job I hate to eke out a mediocre life staring at a shiny screen, I'm living out my dream to travel while learning organic farming and sustainability practices. It's not always easy, but leaving the comforts of routine to experience the wonders of the universe was a choice I will never regret. <3

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