I guess you’d say I’m a  North Carolina girl, born and raised. But I personally consider myself a child of this great, crazy , magical universe. I left the “normal” life promoted by society – car, job, apartment, student loans, and all – to embark on a never-ending adventure to seek knowledge, enlightenment, and new beautiful experiences. Honestly, becoming “homeless” was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. My man, puppy, and I are now roaming the United States (soon to be world!) as WWOOFers and friendly gypsies; our adventures so far have varied from organic gardening to Rainbow gatherings to island living, and we’ve only just begun!


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  1. I relate. Thank you for choosing to put your heart at the center of your compass and follow it with courage and enthusiasm. I have enjoyed WWOOFing in a few places, most notably and enjoyably in Italy. I highly recommend Tuscany as a place to become more familiar with the beauty of growing food and simple living. Being a vegetarian there is so easy and delicious as well. Blessings on your journey out into the world!

    • Thank you for the suggestion – I dream of the day I go to Italy! I’ve been overseas, but not yet as a WWOOFer…my thirst to adventure is quickly getting too big for this country :) don’t forget that adventure can be found anywhere! <3

    • you can :) it seems crazy, but it’s wonderful. Humans were nomads for a looooong time before “society” was invented, and I can see why. It’s natural, free, and simply amazing. The most important thing, however, is to live the life YOU want. Any path can be one of adventure – it’s all in how you look at it. Namaste!

  2. I am so happy to have landed on your page. We have so much in common…Gypsy soul, Traveling in space, blog design :) and even learning how to breathe. Please do visit my blog in your free time and let me know if you can relate too :)

  3. Really happy to have landed, quite by accident on this page! I read your poem on learning how to breathe in sheer awe of your talent and now I’ve come here to indulge myself in the musings of a fellow crazy soul! I’m so happy you’re enjoying being a WOOFer- I’ve met loads and done a bit myself with my godmother- it’s a wonderful experience and I hope you and your husband continue to dig out new paths on this beautiful, wonderful world of ours!

    Phoenixflames12 x

  4. What a coincidence! I just learned about WWOOF! That is pretty amazing that you are doing your own thing and following the path best suited for you. I will be following your blog and I just started one for myself if you want to check it out. Have a great day! Namaste.

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