Ayr Mount, North Carolina

This beautiful historical spot is actually close to my home town, but it’s definitely a must-see for those happening to be traveling through. There’s an old homestead where tours are given, and a beautiful mile-long “Poet’s Walk” that takes you through the woods and along the Eno River. The town of Hillsborough is also really neat, with a couple of good restaurants and a local health food/grocery store called Weaver Street Market.


Angus Barn – Raleigh, NC

The Pavilion - photo from www.angusbarn.com

The Pavilion – photo from http://www.angusbarn.com

This historic, gigantic, and beautiful family-owned restaurant isn’t as much of a “hidden treasure” as it is a “really cool place you should just go to”. There are 3 main dining rooms, a separate bar/lounge, 2 private wine cellar dining rooms, and an outdoor Pavilion that’s been used for multiple weddings and large events. The food is great (though vegetarian options are slim), the atmosphere is better, and….hello, WINE? With a 20,000+ wine inventory, you really can’t go wrong. I used to work at this place, and I still definitely recommend it – if that doesn’t convince ya, I don’t know what will ;)

McSorely’s Old Ale House

ale house NYC

I don’t know a whole lot of cool places to go in NYC, but this one is really a must for those who appreciate a good, old fashioned brew served with a side of history. There are two choices in this bar – light or dark beer – and they are both impeccable. There are lots of fascinating old news articles to read on the wall, and an ambiance that takes one back in time with every sip. Thanks to my Uncle Brad, who introduced me to this neat place!


Green Flamingo Organics – Oak Hill, FL

My boyfriend and I happened upon this gem of a farm through WWOOF, and ended up staying for 3 weeks. Liz, the lady who heads the whole operation, is a both a phenomenal farmer and teacher. We had a blast, learned a lot, and enjoyed tons of fresh organic produce during our stay. Besides running a CSA, Liz sells her products at multiple Farmer’s Markets in the area, making local and organic veggies available to lots of people! I definitely recommend this farm to any WWOOFers, and encourage anyone in the area to stop by and see what she’s all about.


Blue Boy Herbs – Carriere, MS

tinctures in the making! Photo from http://blueboyherbs.com/

tinctures in the making! Photo from http://blueboyherbs.com/

THIS sweet spot is truly a hidden treasure…there’s no way I would have stumbled upon this place if it weren’t for divine appointment. Nestled within New Talavana Hare Krishna community, Darrell (the “herb man”) has been creating tinctures and healing people all over the country for years, and does a pretty damn good job of it! He cares a lot about his trade, and it definitely shows. I urge you to check out the site and see what he’s about – he’ll do free consultations for anyone who has questions or is even just curious. I’ve learned so much from the short time I’ve worked with him, and haven’t even begun to scrape the top of the barrel!





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