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On Learning How To Breathe


Poem entry for the Weekly Writing Challenge


The first time I breathed

today (for those others

surely could not have been but mere imitations!)

I felt it, really felt it,

flow into my nasal passages

as I stole some of the passing

gust of wind.

The breath, full of all

those eternal argon particles

and stardust pieces (but

mostly nothing –

at all)

tumbles into my lungs (

expanding, e x p a n d i n g)

and finally I feel what

I had been missing all day.

Connection, life, wealth, and


all contained within this

one curious handful of air.

Imagine that! The history

of the universe, contained for

moments at a time

within my own being…

it’s only right that I should

feel so lucky.

Exhale now, but slowly;

the first true breath of the day

is always one

to savor.

I wonder what the

next one will taste like?





“My First Fifty”

Crumbling soft matter,

rich food for the life emerging, my hands

tingle with ancient energy

as roots break and new

growth commences.

Fragile plants gingerly awaken

with souls weakened but eager to grow,

triggering their impending

struggle to survive.

Breathing magic softly, I

give eternal thanks

for the awaited harvest.



Photo based off of Soil In Hand, CC-BY-NC 2.0