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Joy In The Glowing Night


It seems turmoil is threading its way through a lot of people’s energetic wavelengths; I’ve read quite a few posts recently revealing deep frustrations and sorrows. I have great compassion for all suffering, and hope that it leads to strength and inner peace <3 That being said, here’s a short poem of thankfulness and gratitude!

I offer my obesiances

to whatever deity,

force, energy, or form

that mischievously schemed up

in a most divine fashion

a plan to fulfill my heart’s

utmost desires


though they might be)

My frustrations,


My doubts,

whisked away by the

glowing chariot of

manifestation and power.

Glory be!

No more hitchhiking for me!

A funky ride

to suit our funky style –

what more could I ask for

in this phase of my life?

The road is long,

but I dare say those

three purring cylinders

will make the trek

both shorter and cleaner –

for dust-free we

gypsies shall be!

That is,




Also, here’s a really cute picture of my precious road pup. Because who doesn’t like cute things?

Love, peace, and joy to all this gorgeous evening <3