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Welcome to New Orleans? and all the parentheses


What a strange night….

After trying (very unsuccessfully) to meet up with a friend, we ended up spending $40 on a not-buzz (damn expensive bars) then walking back to our car to find it locked within the parking lot. No signs about hours, overnight parking, anything. After trying in every way possible (again very unsuccessfully) to free our new little home (thanks for naught, parking company), we hopped over the gate and trapped ourselves in with our car for the night. We finally got the New Orleans police to come out this morning – though they hung up on us last night after “not being able to find” us – and were released from the city’s public parking cage.

Here’s to our first uncomfortable night in our little Geo! I’m super glad we were at least able to get to it. THAT woulda sucked.

Hopefully today will be a little more fruitful :)