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Vibration Salvation


I am standing
In a dome of ethereal transparency
Glass-like, yet fluid,
Shimmering eminating vibrations
These walls
The only thing between me and
Galaxies of limitless knowledge,
Expansion, understanding,
Wordless transcendence I see
Just beyond my reach
Slightly distorted, yet infinitely
If only…

As I wake, a door
Begins to form in front of me,
The lock nowhere to be seen.
Confusion and frustration
Cloud my mind in self-doubt and judgment
Why am I here
Staring at a door
When I could be discovering
And uncovering trans-galactic mysteries?
But transformation within
Abundant compassion and acceptance
Clears away the fog
And I can’t help but laugh
As I realize that the door is,
In fact,


Salutation Meditation


I watch the sun
climb its way up from its
bed, the horizon,
beaming rays of
morning glory onto
the face of our Mother.
as I sit, enraptured by this
celebration of life, it seems
the sun is whispering to me
“I am here!”
in joyful song.
But through my musings, I remember
that the sun is not actually rising,
as we so often say;
we are in fact the ones twisting and hurtling
in an eternal orbit of
this tiny corner
of space,
revolving around
the Sun’s life-giving flares.
I ponder on such marvels, that
we are the ones
who twirl in an eternal dance
to greet the sun and the moon each day.
Opening my eyes, I taken in
the golden-tinted wonder
around me.
Smiling, I stretch out my arms
and whisper back,
“Welcome, my friend!”



*photos not mine

My Lady Moon


As many may already know, the night of July 12 beheld the first of three huge, red full moons we’ll experience this summer. I wont pretend to know much about what this means in the astrological realm of things – I’ve merely checked out a couple pop-psychology Google search links. I’ll be doing some actual research soon.
Nonetheless, she was stunning. A friend and I both saw vivid geometrical shapes coming off the moon like rays, and I couldn’t help but be inspired to write a lil poem.

The moon is in full glory tonight, displaying her (creamsicle) beauty
in the most visceral way. Brilliant, daring, yet at times blushing – hidden behind a stray wisp of twilight silk
I imagine her shy smile,
And stare
I clench my teeth in suspense.

the unknown


Do you still

notice the way it moves –

trembling, like a breath

yet to be released



sacred words, both terrifying

and tantalizing.

What power it has!

Many have become blind

after years of vigorous avoidance,


instead for the comfort of

what is.

But I

hear the whispers shivering in my soul

come closer,

just one step….

and I know

by my racing heart

that I must accept whatever

challenge will slowly

unravel, a mystical yarn

made out of dancing stars,

shrouded in the billowing clouds

of obscurity.

I can’t move, I can’t wait.

I must move,

I must wait

as it unfolds

before me




you can’t see it, but it’s there. 

stirring through my brain, whirring like

insane little machine men

maniacally screwing and drilling their way 

through every pore 

of my poor, overworked psyche. 


Man, there’s just so much…so many tales that I want to 

draw through my fingertips like

the deadliest black widow weaves her impermanent throne. 

I want, I NEED to write, but that silly


called the internet is so damn elusive, and 

for some crazed reason 

the thought of using and saving a Word

document steals the very inspiration from my synapses. 

Is this madness?

Are you madness?

These days, I just can’t tell.


oh, the words that flood the very crevices of my brain! Tales of 

robot chickens, inordinate bovine,

loss, gain, paranoia, strain

death and rebirth – yet again 

all in one, though there’s always that

lull of suspension

like the longest twilight

until once again,

I can

grasp the meaning of lungs and air

and just 


but the maniacal mechanical 

men must do their work,

organizing and tidying the messes of 

past days and 

shed ways of being, ways of 

identifying with you, me, and all the other

lunatics that dare listen to something other than


(which, unfortunately, makes more cents than sense).

Until then, I must stick to 

blips and beeps of meaning and seasons

that I used to know,

capturing the parts that make up the whole

so that I can present it all,

in a pretty little blogged package,

to those who care to read it. 



what happens –


when you run out of cool things to say?

when you’re overwhelmed with sensations of mediocrity?

when you feel like your life has reached a lull, even though

you know it’s all in your head?

when nothing’s enough anymore?

I know this pattern well –

restlessness, frustration,

invisible glass walls that muffle the 

annoyed ranting inside my head

(for no one else must know!)

should should should

hammering through my skull

why why why

the question that always haunts…

why can’t I?

why aren’t I?

most importantly, though,

what is enough to satisfy?

though I know the answer, my soul

is less than settled.

THIS. is enough. THIS. is everything.

it’s all in the moment, none more precious than the next

(says my head)

BUT NO! There’s always MORE!

(says my everything else)

I can’t wait…but

then again, i have no choice.

because, in reality,

there’s just no way to completely control

what happens. 


Silence, the all



the shrouded mysterious mistress

that taunts

most – hauntingly

mocking what could have been

yet, mocking

what is.

She works cunningly, swiftly,

spinning the tale of a lost cause as her victims

drowsily wake up within her

intricate web.

What is the way out?

Was there a way in?

The details are so hard to remember

for she convincingly clouds her

muted victims, leaving them with their own sad

circles of thought, unbroken by

true spoken communication.

She is beautiful, no doubt –

and much to be respected –

but there are those times,

my friend, where I fear her bite may be


For even a whisper becomes

much too laborious

of a sound

as muscles

simply cease