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raindrop words


A poem I wrote last night as a storm danced over our heads…I was lying in bed, entranced by the sound, and these words started forming together. Luckily I had enough sense to get up and write instead of push it away ;) Enjoy, friends <3


Like the percussive rain, I




l –


ing –

through the twisty

tunnels that

send sublimely subtle

souls soaring.

I surrender, not because

I am afraid

but because

I have found peace

within myself, within

the storm.

For though the forces

that control my journey

are most powerful and terrible,



know that I will not come to harm.


I am dropping

with an inevitable explosion just below, but


the thought excites, not frightens me.

With my own destruction

will come something new;

my destiny is to join with others,

creating something exponentially

nourishing and powerful.

Like the glorious rain,

my voice is best joined with

those around me – listen to

the dull roar through your sleepy ears.

The night is not forever,

but the mystery never ends,

and I am comforted by

the sound

of the eternal rain.