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Been In The Woods…


It’s been over a month since I’ve posted on this blog – I know it’s kind of a sudden change in activity, but life does that kind of thing with me quite often.

Frankly, I’ve been having the time of my life. For the past month I’ve been living in national forests with hundreds of beautiful family members. I’m sure I’ll get to writing about it someday, but right now I’m soaking up the experience.

I may not do much on my blog for a while – I hope that you all stay inspired and true to yourselves. Adventure on!


Rubber Trampin’


I gotta say, it feels good to have wheels again. Don’t get me wrong, hitchhiking is a cool experience – but spend 4 months doing it in Florida and you’d probably feel the same. Between the Bible thumpers, judgmental a-holes, and prickly everything, I was ready to pull my hair out by the time we finally got out of the state.

Traveling with a car definitely has its downsides, though.

1) Our little whip isn’t exactly in tip-top shape; we’re going to have to do a pretty fair amount of work to it once we make it to Vermont if we want it to last for a while. Luckily, the only trouble we’ve had so far is a tire blown from dry rot. It was scary at first, but – as always – the universe serendipitously provided!

2) In addition, we now have to come up with cash constantly in order to keep the car fueled and oiled. When we were hitchhiking, it was okay if we ran out of money for a while because we could find other ways to get by. Now, having enough money to travel is a constant concern.

3) It’s also a little harder to find a place to stay on the road. Luckily, crashing in a Wal-Mart parking lot is almost always a surefire option, but it’s still more risky than dipping into the woods on the side of the road.

4) Lastly, we’ve sadly steered away from the responsibility-free lifestyle. We have to find a way to pay off the car, and there’s insurance to worry about every month. A big part of our plan to stay in Vermont this summer stems from our need to make money (sadface) to take care of these responsibilities.

Even though traveling this way is a little harder, I find the positives to outweigh any perceived negatives.

–  We can now be more picky about where and what we eat – instead of being dropped off at a Wal-Mart for ease of hitching, we can sniff out farmer’s markets and natural springs to stock up on REAL food and water.

–  We can also camp at any national forest across the country without a problem. Instead of sticking to highways and highly populated roads, we can take our time exploring the countryside and scenic drives. I feel a lot less restricted traveling in a car of our own; during our hitching months, I struggled to let go my prized sense of independence. It was hard for me to travel on other peoples’ terms – and strangers at that! It was definitely a learning and growing experience.

–  Having a permanent shelter is also kinda comforting. We’ve learned to love the rain, but it’s nice to know that we can keep our backpacks dry without having to run for cover.

–  One of my favorite pros, however, is that we can now be the hitchees instead of the hitchers! Our teeny car is a little full right now with some extra stuff we have to get rid of, but we’ve already been able to give a guy a ride down the road. After having so much trouble hitching, I gotta say it felt pretty good to be able to help someone out in that way!


All in all, I’m a pretty happy travelin’ camper (see what I did there?) We’ve made it about halfway to Vermont so far, and have been able to spend time with friends and family along the way. Our drive from southern Mississippi to central North Carolina has been full of adventure – with so much more to come! As usual, I’m pretty excited about what new, wonderful experiences our journey will unfold :) being in a constant state of excitement is so ecstatic…I really do love it. <3

meet Natalia (aka Nat Geo), our little turtle car! She's full of personality and pretty badass. I'm glad to be able to include her on our adventures :)

meet Natalia (aka Nat Geo), our little turtle car! She’s full of personality and pretty badass. I’m glad to be able to include her on our adventures :) also, Raven’s face is pretty priceless.


Welcome to New Orleans? and all the parentheses


What a strange night….

After trying (very unsuccessfully) to meet up with a friend, we ended up spending $40 on a not-buzz (damn expensive bars) then walking back to our car to find it locked within the parking lot. No signs about hours, overnight parking, anything. After trying in every way possible (again very unsuccessfully) to free our new little home (thanks for naught, parking company), we hopped over the gate and trapped ourselves in with our car for the night. We finally got the New Orleans police to come out this morning – though they hung up on us last night after “not being able to find” us – and were released from the city’s public parking cage.

Here’s to our first uncomfortable night in our little Geo! I’m super glad we were at least able to get to it. THAT woulda sucked.

Hopefully today will be a little more fruitful :)

Joy In The Glowing Night


It seems turmoil is threading its way through a lot of people’s energetic wavelengths; I’ve read quite a few posts recently revealing deep frustrations and sorrows. I have great compassion for all suffering, and hope that it leads to strength and inner peace <3 That being said, here’s a short poem of thankfulness and gratitude!

I offer my obesiances

to whatever deity,

force, energy, or form

that mischievously schemed up

in a most divine fashion

a plan to fulfill my heart’s

utmost desires


though they might be)

My frustrations,


My doubts,

whisked away by the

glowing chariot of

manifestation and power.

Glory be!

No more hitchhiking for me!

A funky ride

to suit our funky style –

what more could I ask for

in this phase of my life?

The road is long,

but I dare say those

three purring cylinders

will make the trek

both shorter and cleaner –

for dust-free we

gypsies shall be!

That is,




Also, here’s a really cute picture of my precious road pup. Because who doesn’t like cute things?

Love, peace, and joy to all this gorgeous evening <3


That Stank


Of all of the senses in a human body, smell has proven time and again to be one of the most powerful. That being said, it makes sense that marketing companies target our sense of smell so friggen much, especially when it comes to smelling each other.

Case in point:

(photos obviously not mine)



The truth of the matter is, however, that all these smells people are “supposed” to be attracted to are completely artificial. You may say “yeah, well duh”, but think about it for a second. Why are we being trained to hate smells that are completely natural? What’s so wrong with a little B.O.? People’s smells are supposed to attract each other naturally, without any sort of toxic chemical cover-up. Though studies on the existence of human pheromones report inconclusive results, evidence suggests that our natural smell is sexually attractive. And it makes sense, because a lot of other animals work the exact same way!

Personally, I think it’s all a marketing ploy. If they get you to hate your smell, you’ll be convinced you need to change it. And all you need to do is turn on the good ole telly to figure out how you’re supposed to do that. As always, the answer is to CONSUME!! Buy more products because you’re not good enough as it is!

Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy being clean, and I have nothing against a spritz of smell-good every now and then to spice things up. But I think it’s ridiculous that people shower, smear, and smother themselves with all sorts of overbearing scents just to “smell nice”. In addition, all that crap is SO toxic to your body…I mean hello, aluminum?! There’s enough of that in the chemical trails, thank you.

The reason I bring this up, dear readers, is because I, hitchhiking gypsy extraordinaire, can get extremely smelly while on the road. With no way to regularly get clean, it just happens! I wash up in public bathrooms as much as I can, but there’s only so much that face and pit-washing can do. Let’s face it – a lot of other travel kids are the same way, to no fault of their own. In all honesty, I’ve met a lot of travelers who are proud of their smell! And from what I’ve experienced on the road, I really have to agree. Smelling like YOU isn’t smelling “bad” – toss those toxic products and embrace your stank!