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Got Milk? Please?!


So today, my man and I went to the farmer’s market in my hometown. I’ve been missing farm-fresh veggies, and have been FIENDING for the creamy, nutritious, delicious, and (surprise!) illegal substance called…milk.

Not the fake, processed, calcium-depleting crap sold in stores. No, I want the REAL stuff! The stuff that comes right out of the cow!

[photos not mine]

yum! yum! yum!

yum! yum! yum!

you can SEE the delicious cream on top! how could you not want that in yo’ mouth?

The funny thing is, the powers that be have decided that this wonderful substance is unsafe, and should be made illegal. Considering all the poisonous crap that’s flying off the shelves of grocery stores everywhere, I really don’t get why.¬†People have been drinking raw milk for ages, and suddenly it’s dangerous? The only reason people say milk isn’t healthy is BECAUSE of the processing it goes through. Pasteurization and homogenization both make milk harder to digest, and homogenization alters the very size and placement of the milk molecules. Creepy? I think so.

Here’s some info:

“Pasteurization compromises your milk. It destroys vitamins and interferes with calcium absorption. When you boil a liquid, you kill any bacteria and make that food sterile. In the process, you can’t help but affect the taste and nutritional value of that food. Pasteurization is the process of heating a liquid to a high enough temperature to kill certain bacteria and disable certain enzymes.”

“Homogenization is a more recently invented process and it has been called “the worst thing that dairymen did to milk.” When milk is homogenized, it is pushed through a fine filter at pressures of 4,000 pounds per square inch. In this process, the fat globules are made smaller by a factor of ten times or more. These fat molecules then become evenly dispersed throughout the milk.

Milk is a hormonal delivery system. When homogenized, milk becomes very powerful and efficient at bypassing normal digestive processes and delivering steroid and protein hormones to the human body (both your hormones and the cow’s natural hormones and the ones they may have been injected with to produce more milk).”

There’s a lot to be said on both sides of this story – I’m sure there are plenty of studies that “prove” pasteurization and homogenization are harmless. And of course they do, because otherwise people wouldn’t buy the product. It doesn’t really convince me, though – especially considering it’s legal to lie on the news. I have decided I am weaning myself off of store-bought milk. It’s really difficult, especially on the road, but luckily there’s help! The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund and A Campaign For Real Milk are two organizations that are fighting the good fight to free raw milk everywhere! I know I’ve jumped on board with the cause :) and, in my humble opinion, so should everyone!






I asked for a new spiritual experience, and I certainly got one.


This Krishna community, nestled in the countryside of southern Mississippi, is beautiful in so many ways. It’s certainly no idealistic paradise – the flaws of humanity don’t just disappear in a spiritual community – but it is undeniably a spiritual oasis that has already fed me in so many ways. The food, for one, is both phenomenal and endless. I had previously spent time on the road meditating on healthy, delicious vegetarian food, and it has manifested in a delightful manner. The Krishnas do not partake in meat, fish, or eggs (YAY completely vegetarian community!!!), but have a plethora of protected cows on their land, some of which they make dairy products from. The cows are sacred, respected, and free to roam through fields of grass and hay…they are purely beautiful and noble animals, and I swear even their poo smells different than normal cows. A portion of the milk that is produced is made into yogurt, curd (an amazing substitute for tofu/soy meat), ghee, and butter, all of which I have been able to enjoy for free. I feel both humbled and blessed, because I know that there is a hefty portion of this population that has never tasted these wonderful foods!

Besides delicious, organic, guilt-free food, I have also been chewing a big ole bite of the slow Mississippi country lifestyle, where everything somehow takes three times as long to say or do than I’m used to, but nobody cares at all. Gotta say…I could get used to this. It’s been a little hard for things to be soooo slooooow all the time, but I’m definitely not complaining about the peaceful environment. We’ve wanted to be able to relax after being stressed and stuck in Florida for so long, anyway. It’d be plain silly to be ungrateful!

the building on the left, which is much longer than you can see in the picture, contains the following: the Blue Boy Herb shop/office, tincture room, and lecture room; a kitchen, our bedroom, two bathrooms with showers, as well as several rooms currently under construction. It is a very beautiful, big, and open space that we usually have all to ourselves in the late afternoons/evenings. The garden is in the center of the photo, though you can barely see it because it’s waaay back thur. The two-story building on the right is currently being lived in, but has plans to be turned into a workspace for extracting oils out of herbs.



this is just a picture of my really cute puppy, who was in the midst of talkin’ with me ^_^



¬†green house! Currently filled with pepper, eggplant, and tomato plants that we’re going to transplant this week =]


one section of Darrell’s garden, which we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work in and help raise. Organic veggies on the grow!


Anyway, just wanted to spread some love and share some old fashioned green goodness into this virtual world. I’m not on the internet much, but when I am I like to try to make people smile. Keep smilin’, folks! And drink raw milk!

A tour of my Krsna Consciousness