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another beautiful mourning


The fog rises slowly

as a new day breaks;

beauty uncovers beauty

as life awakens yet again.

Everything alive teems with

loveliness, revealing layers of ancient

purity. A wonderfully simple

complexity lies in it all, and

I have yet to grasp

even a strand of its meaning.

I am overwhelmed with excitement –

a driving, frantic need to explore every inch of it –

and am left perplexed

time after time

(and yet again, but oh too soon)

when others dismiss my awe.

Complacently stuck to their screens,

they lather on layers of the mindless superglue

(to make it easier, you see)

“but the flashing lights!

the pretty buttons!

all of the things I can buy!”

It saddens me to see them

– and even more to leave them –

in that lonely state of poison

and decay,

so I do what I can to bring

reality into their virtuality.

But I can’t try forever;

beauty calls out to me,

wisdom whispers gently in my ear,

knowledge tantalizes me with secrets yet unknown.

I have my own path to follow…

it leads me away from the

lights and screens and

dollar signs and hashtags and all the latest and greatest –

I follow the distant call

(for beauty is always both here and there)

and step into silence,

where I hear more clearly than ever before.

And as I listen, I see.

As I see, I feel.

As I feel, I am aware.

As I am aware, I am once again alive.

The fog continues to rise

in the most dignified of manners,

the clear skies mirroring the

day break in my head.

I am alive, and humbled by

the realization.

There’s not another way I’d rather be.