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Salutation Meditation


I watch the sun
climb its way up from its
bed, the horizon,
beaming rays of
morning glory onto
the face of our Mother.
as I sit, enraptured by this
celebration of life, it seems
the sun is whispering to me
“I am here!”
in joyful song.
But through my musings, I remember
that the sun is not actually rising,
as we so often say;
we are in fact the ones twisting and hurtling
in an eternal orbit of
this tiny corner
of space,
revolving around
the Sun’s life-giving flares.
I ponder on such marvels, that
we are the ones
who twirl in an eternal dance
to greet the sun and the moon each day.
Opening my eyes, I taken in
the golden-tinted wonder
around me.
Smiling, I stretch out my arms
and whisper back,
“Welcome, my friend!”



*photos not mine


Happiness arrives



Several months ago, I was given a beautiful set of Russian Gypsy fortune telling cards. I use these cards pretty regularly – though the level of my use changes with the phases of my life. Pretty consistently, I’ve drawn a symbol that tells me “happiness will come from far away“. I don’t always realize what it’s referring to, but I know that I was ecstatic to spend somentome with my brother, who lives in NC. He’s a most wonderful soul, and a friend I’m glad to have.

Nathan with my Uncle Bob at the Wrightsville Reservoir

Canoe time! I know the photo’s funky, but I only snapped one shot of them holding it. We had a blast – ¬†even made it halfway across the reservoir with the boat back-end forward. It was on purpose, I swear.


<3 :]

Birthing Days And Such


Happy 23, me!!

In celebration, we’re going to a free tour at Abita Springs Brewery, complete with free tastings for an hour!


Also, here are some silly songs about being 23:

Jimmy Eat World – 23

Blink 182 – What’s My Age Again?

Yay emo music! hehe…today is already silly.

Be silly for me this May day! Faeries, maypoles….it’s all magical <3

love to all! and happy birth to me!